An Archive of Video clips for Your Enjoyment

4-9-17 &nbsp Throughout the history of baseball a good fastball was considered one in the upper 90's. It was extremely rare to find someone who threw 100. But what has happened in the last 5 to 10 years. We now see guys throwing 100 all the time. Even high school kids can sometimes throw 100+. Is it training? Maybe nutrition, maybe bullpen use. Who knows. What we do know is that there is a lot of "Brief Baseball, 100 Plus" going on.


4-16-17 &nbsp Back to the interviews. Here is another Hall of Famer. A catcher and later manager he is probably best known for his sayings. Of course it's Yogi Berra. He was at the center of so much Baseball History. From catching Don Larsons perfect game to dealing with George Steinbrener. Let's here what he has to say, and remember, it ain't over until its over.


4-23-17 &nbsp Most baseball plays are routine. Things you see all the time. But every once in a whle there is something so good you call it ridiculous. Something so good and unusual that you will probably never see anything like it again. Here's a video of some of "Major League Baseballs Ridiculous Plays".


4-30-17 &nbsp Welcome back Dave Samborn. As I was deciding which video to present this week I thought about your old left hand dominate teams. You had the quirky park and quirky lineup. How about something about a quirky lefty pitcher, the Spaceman, Bill Lee. Here's a video, "Earth to Bill Lee".


5-7-17 &nbsp When you think of defensive excellence in the outfield over the history of baseball one of the names that quickly comes to mind is Willie Mays. He was amazing in the outfield and had a gun for an arm. Today's players are still compared to Willie. I found a nice video compiling some of today's great outfield plays and showing Willie Mays making his signature over the shoulder catch. I bring you "Shades of Mays"


5-14-17 &nbsp Bill Lee was such a character. The wacky lefty loved to talk and his bizarre acts sure made good videos. He sure haa a lot of stories to tell and really loves baseball. I saw a television show where he went to Cuba and pitched for a US team against local Cuba teams. He even walked between some of the villages to play. Here is another Bill Lee video simply named "Bill Lee, Red Sock".