An Archive of Video clips for Your Enjoyment

2-26-17 &nbsp FBN Draft Day. We all hope we are drafting the next Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle, or Greg Maddux. At least we are hoping for our guys to make some sort of impact. Some players stand out in their first appearance. Here are some "First Appearance Fireworks".


3-5-17 &nbsp Mickey Mantle was at the center of the Yankee's dynasty in the late 1950's and early 1960's. The Oklahoma legend was a centerfielder, very fast, a switch hitter with power both ways; he was an almost ideal player. He was also a fan favorite. Everyone wanted to know about Mickey. Well after Mantle's career Bob Costas had a very interesting interview with Mantle. Here is the "Mickey Mantle Interview with Bob Costas".


3-12-17 &nbsp Spring training is the time for the players to work on their games. Time to practice the fundamentals. These guys must have been in the trainers room during part of spring training. The missed the sliding drills. Here are "MLB Worst Slides". It's time to get back onto the field guys and get your work in.


3-19-17 &nbsp Ted Williams and Tony Gwynn were both San Diego natives. They were also two of the greatest hitters of the game. Williams is the last man to hit .400 and Gwynn has come the closest since. It's amazing watching them talk hitting. Here is part 1 of an interview with the 2 of them, "Tony Gwynn and Ted Williams part 1".


3-26-17 &nbsp I was trying to think of a new theme for a group of videos. Maybe I can highlight a video that features someone from each team. Where should I start. How about the lovable Klubbers. But has Roland ever had anyone on his team that someone would put on video. I would probably have to go back a long way in Klubber history to find someone. Then it hit me. For Klubber players you have to look in different activities because they won't be in baseball clips. Klubber David Ross is on Dancing With The Stars. Seems appropriate, dancing instead of hitting a fastball. Just kidding Roland, thanks for the clip. Here is David Ross on Dancing With The Stars.


4-2-17 &nbsp Two weeks ago we saw part 1 of the Ted Williams and Tony Gwynn interview. It was something seeing Gwynn getting nervous talking hitting with Williams in part one. It just shows how much he is in awe of Teddy Ballgame. Here is part two of the interview, "Tony Gwynn and Ted Williams part 2".