An Archive of Video clips for Your Enjoyment

12-4-16 &nbsp Its deep, back, back, wow off the scoreboard. Enough said. Here is a collection of "Scoreboard Shots".


12-11-16 &nbsp Ted Williams and Joe DiMaggio. The Splendid Splinter and Jolting Joe, two of the greatest hitters of their generation, maybe of all time. Hearing them talk baseball is an honor itself. The stories each of them can tell. Jack Buck did an interview with both players a while back. Check it out.


12-18-16 &nbsp We've seen a lot of outfielders make some great plays at the wall. Some have no regard for the bodies and no respect for the wall. Other just plain messed up and didn't know the wall was there. It can really shorten a guys career but the plays they make are highlight reels. Here is a pretty good collection of "Who Put The Wall There".


1-1-17 &nbsp There have been a lot of great outfielders throughout the history of baseball. We can all rattle off a bunch of the "greatest". One of the guys most of us never remember is Stan "the Man" Musial. The St. Louis Cardinal great is a Hall of Famer and perhaps one of the 10 greatest outfielders of all time. I dug up an interview of Musial that I thought you might enjoy.


1-8-17 &nbsp We all remember Little League where our coaches told us to remember to wear your cup. Like most 8 year olds we thought it was funny and getting hit there could never happen to us. Well it does happen to the big leaguers. Of course the catchers get hit but all sorts of others. Here is "MLB Hit in the Nuts. I like how the announcers sort of skip where the guys get hit. Vin Scully had the best description though. Check it out.