An Archive of Video clips for Your Enjoyment

10-16-16 &nbsp Baseball playoff time is when a lot of the historical, classic radio and television calls have taken place. The importance of the playoffs adds to the excitement and make important plays all that more memorable. Of course there are moments during the regular season too. Here is a nice collection of "Classic Calls" part 1.


10-23-16 &nbsp Last week we had "Classic Call" part 1. We will continue with "Classic Calls" part 2. More important plays , historical moments, and memorable calls. Enjoy.


10-30-16 &nbsp The pros make some amazing plays. Great catches with cat like reflexes. But hey, they have a glove on their hand and a beautifully manicured field. They don't have a crowd of people to fight off or walls in their way. Well on second thought sometimes they do. Here are some amazing "Plays in the Stands".


11-6-16 &nbsp 1908. That was a long time ago. The last time the Cubs won the World Series. Well lets change that to 2016. Think of all the fans who spent some many years rooting for the lovable losers. Us Red Sox fans know the feeling. With such a historic event I wanted to honor it somehow. I found this video, the exciting game 7 compressed down to 39 minutes but it still shows every pitch to every batter. A great way to re-watch the game. Enjoy the excitement again with "2016 World Series game 7 in 30 Minutes".


11-13-16 &nbsp Catchers have it rough. Foul tips, balls in the dirt, blocking the plate are all hazards of the profession. Another one is getting hit by the bat. That can really take out a guy. Here is a nice collection of "Backswing Bruises".


11-20-16 &nbsp Bob Sheppard was the voice of the Yankees for many years. He retired and has since passes but from 1951 through 2007 he was the public address announcer for the Yankees. He was such a fixture that his voice and cantor just made you think pinstripes. In 1999 Bob Sheppard did an interview on CNN. Here it is.


11-27-16 &nbsp Ralph Branca passed away this week at the age of 90. Ralph was famous as the pitcher who gave up the home run to Bobby Thompson in 1951. He was also one of Jackie Robinson's biggest supporters as Jackie teammate during Jackie's rookie year. He was known as one of the nicest guys ever to play baseball. That says alot. Here is a tribute to Branca from the YES network.