An Archive of Video clips for Your Enjoyment

9-4-16 &nbsp Baseball is probably more suited to radio then any other sport. Sitting in a lawn chair next to the pool listening to the game and the great announcers. Red Barber, Vin Scully, Harry Carry. These are but a few of the voices that are instantly recognizable. Check out this video of "Voices of the Game", baseball hall of fame Ford Frick award winners.


9-11-16 &nbsp Take out slides. You won't see many of them any more with new rule designed to protect the fielders but they certainly were part of the game in the past. The aggressive runner could really disrupt the fielder trying to turn two. A few of the older video's are especially brutal. Let's check out some "Take Out Slides".


9-18-16 &nbsp A broadcasting immortal is retiring in 2 weeks. I speak of the legendary Vin Scully. He has broadcast Dodger games for 66 years. Just think of that, 66 years! He started in 1950 when the Dodgers were in Brooklyn. A deserving member of the Hall of Fame his easy going broadcast style was (is?) perfect for the game. He will be missed. Here is an interview of Vin Scully on the Dan Patrick show on 7/1/2014.


9-25-16 &nbsp With the end of the announcing career of the greatest baseball announcer of all time, Vin Scully there have been many tributes. This one comes from Major League Baseball Advanced Media and is a collection of Vin Scully's most memorable moments.


10-2-16 &nbsp There are classic voices which most people recognize. Even other announcers love their voices. So much so that some of them even impersonate them. I'm talking Vin Scully and Bob Sheppard. We all know them. Jon Miller does a great impersonation of both guys. Check it out.


10-9-16 &nbsp We've come to the end of another long season. Time to step back and take a look at things. Perhaps, there's nothing better than laughing at ourselves. Here is a nice collection of "Baseballs Funniest Bloopers".