An Archive of Video clips for Your Enjoyment

7-17-16 &nbsp The men in blue, Major League umpires. For the most part the men are anonymous. They do their job and no one really notices. But it is a tough job. Anyone the has even umpired a little league game knows its a lot tougher than most people think. And it can get dangerous at times, foul tips hit umpires too. Here is a little video about "Unlucky Umpires".


7-24-16 &nbsp This week on "Sports Challenge" the New York Yankees take on the San Francisco 49'ers. Baseball versus football. As always you know it will be interesting and it sure brings back memories seeing the old stars. Let's sit back and enjoy this episode.


7-31-16 &nbsp This weeks video is titled "Face Shots" What could that mean. Is it video of faces in the crowd. How about players faces while the do miscellaneous things. Nope, this is a video of guys getting very unlucky. Baseballs to the face. The thought even makes me cringe. And it happens more often then one thinks. Check it out. By the way, notice how tough Matheny is in the second clip, he doesn't even go down!


8-7-16 &nbsp This is the final episode of "Sports Challenge" that I was able to find. In this episode we have two rival New York teams. The New York Yankees take on the them bums the Brooklyn Dodgers. Its great to see all the old stars display their love of all sports. I wish I was able to find more baseball related episodes. Let's sit back and enjoy this show.


8-14-16 &nbsp They practice it since they were in Little League. Every spring training hours are spent on it. The simple slide. You would think professionals would have it down pat. Think again. Here is a nice compliation of some of the ugliest slides you will ever see. A whole bunch of guys doing face plants and kissing the dirt. Lets watch "At Least You Tried!"


8-21-16 &nbsp An amazing thing has happened in the minor leagues this season that perhaps many of you are not aware. Cleveland Indian prospect Francisco Mejia had an unbelievable 50 game hitting streak snapped recently. That is the 4th longest hitting streak in minor league history behind Joe Wilhoit's 69 games in 1919 and Joe DiMaggio's 61 games in 1933. I guess DiMaggio was practicing for his 56 game major league streak. Will DiMaggio's 56 game streak ever be broken? I kind of think so myself but it is more difficult now that ever before. Check out this video talking about the streak.


8-28-16 &nbsp Remember taking infield practice in Little League. The coach would hit you slow rollers and you felt good to make the play. Well, the ground balls are a little tougher in the show. Wicked one hoppers, bad hops, in between hops. Let's check out "On the Hop".