An Archive of Video clips for Your Enjoyment

6-5-16 &nbsp This weeks episode of "Sports Challenge" features one current Boston team and one former Boston team. The Boston Celtics versus the Milwaukee Braves. Who will prevail in this battle of former beantown team. The round ballers of Celtic fame or our baseball friends, the Braves of Milwaukee. Let's tun in and watch part one.


6-12-16 &nbsp Here is the second part of last weeks episode of "Sports Challenge" featuring the Boston Celtics versus the Milwaukee Braves. The Celtics have jumped out to the lead in part 1. Can the Braves come back? Let's tun in and find out.


6-19-16 &nbsp The take out slide. Sometimes it can be a dirty play, sometimes just clean hard baseball. In most cases it's exciting. The majors have a new rule trying to clean up the dirty stuff but I'm sure we will still see some excitement around the bag. Lets check out some "Take Out Slides".


6-26-16 &nbsp I've got another "Sports Challenge" for you. This one features the 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers versus a group of legendary Horse Racing Jockeys. Can the ball players defeat the little guys? I'm sure both teams are up to the challenge. Let's watch and find out what happens.


7-3-16 &nbsp Cleveland and Toronto hooked up for a 19 inning marathon the other day. Several position players were used as pitchers. Ryan Goins pitched a scoreless inning and did not take the loss but worse, he hurt his arm and was placed on the DL today. Remember Jose Canseco getting hurt pitching way back when. Here's a highlight reel of "Position Players Pitching" to bring back some memories.


7-10-16 &nbsp Here is another edition of "Sports Challenge". In this episode we have a couple of natural rivals, the Brooklyn Dodgers versus the Los Angeles Dodgers. Old school versus new school. Old guys versus younger guys. Which Dodger team will triumph. This should be an interesting show. Enjoy!