An Archive of Video clips for Your Enjoyment

4-24-16 &nbsp It rarely happens except in sandlot games but the pros still give it a try. What is it? The hidden ball trick. We see teams try it occasionally but usually a coach lets the player know and the the play doesn't work. Rarely successful but when it does work the opposing player is so embarrassed. How could he let it happen to him. The crowd goes wild, those that realized what happened anyway. Here is a nice collection of "Hidden Ball Tricks". Enjoy.

5-1-16 &nbsp Here's the last "What's My Line" that I can find with a baseball theme. I've saved what I think is one of the biggest stars for last. Not only one of the greatest ball players of all time he was also a legitimate hero serving in World War 2 and Korea. The "Splendid Splinter" Ted Williams. Williams lost prime career years to military service. Imagine what his numbers would have been without his service to his country.

5-8-16 &nbsp Sometimes during the coarse of a ballgame there are plays with unintended consequences. Balls or bats fly and things can happen. Things get hit, chipped, broken, or shattered. Here are some plays with "Collateral Damage". Enjoy.

5-15-16 &nbsp Having exhausted the "What's My Line" clips I began thinking about other old television shows. The show Sports Challenge came to mind. I loved that show when I was a kid. Remember Dick Emberg asking sports trivia questions to teammates of sports teams. Well I looked around and found some clips. I'll limit it to baseball teams. Here is our first clip. Joe McCarthy's New York Yankees versus Casey Stengel's New York Yankees. This show is broken into 3 parts. Here is the first segment.

5-22-16 &nbsp Here are the 2nd and 3rd segments last weeks episode of "Sports Challenge". You remember, Joe McCarthy's New York Yankees versus Casey Stengel's New York Yankees. Which Yankee team will win this challenge. Let's watch and find out.

5-29-16 &nbsp Professional athletes are very competitive. They usually give it their all. Upon doing so sometimes the pi$$ off the other teams. When this happens tempers flares. With a quick temper who knows what will happen. Usually something worth watching. Check out "When Tempers Flare". Warning, contains some foul language.