An Archive of Video clips for Your Enjoyment

1-31-16 &nbsp Opening day for Strat-O-Matic is fast approaching. We are all getting anxious to see the new cards or get the new computer game. Some of us will be making our annual pilgrimage to Glen Head to stand in the cold and pick up our cards as soon as they are available. Many of you can not make the trip and have never seen S-O-M headquarters. It really is a "small" business and really is a modest place. Here is a video showing you inside the S-O-M headquarters and a little peak behind the scenes on opening day.

2-7-16 &nbsp The FBN draft is fast approaching. As we contemplate the sluggers we all dream of drafting guys doing bat flips every other game or so. Think Jose Bautista in his prime or Sammy Sosa. The bat flip can be a glorious thing if its for your side, show boating if its the other side. Here is a video featuring "Bat Flips".

2-14-16 &nbsp We all love Strat-O-Matic. The game was the dream and brainchild of Hal Richman. Now in his 70's Hal has experienced an amazing career. In fact it's good enough for a movie. The movie is named "Managing to Win - The Story of Strat-O-Matic Baseball" and is due out late this year although the word has not leaked out in what medium. Here is a short trailer for the movie.

2-21-16 &nbsp Draft day. The day we really get to show our GM skills. We are all baseball executives for the day. A genuine group of Branch Rickey's. We'll here is another "What's My Line" featuring Branch Rickey. Can the panel figure out the identity of the mystery guest?

2-28-16 &nbsp Baseball has surely changed the past decade. No more steroid era, we are back to small ball. Moving runners, bunting, stealing bases, and defense are back. However we are also in the video age and except for some web gems the rest of small ball generally doesn't make the highlights. Here is a video that does feature some "Small Ball" highlights. Enjoy.

3-6-16 &nbsp Here is another "Whats My Line". This episode has a baseball legend, Jolt'in Joe DiMaggio. With such a famous mystery guest the panel won't have much difficulty with this one. Or will they? Watch and find out.