An Archive of Video clips for Your Enjoyment

12-20-15 &nbsp Here is a play you rarely see in today's game; stealing home. When it does happen it is tremendously exciting. The base stealer showing no respect to the pitcher, saying catch me if you can. Stealing a run can really motivate a team. Everyone remembers Jackie Robinson's stealing home. Here are a few more for your enjoyment.

12-27-15 &nbsp This week we have another "Whats My Line". This episode is a little different. Our man doesn't come on as the mystery guest. This Hall of Famer, who doesn't get the recognition he deserves as dominate pitcher during his prime, comes on based on his off season job. This man is the only pitcher to ever defeat the Boston Braves, Milwaukee Braves and Atlanta Braves suffered from playing in Philadelphia. The great Robin Roberts is the man. Let's see if the stars figure his business career.

1-3-16 &nbsp We have all seen it. The defensive player has no chance of making the play unless they come up with something extraordinary. Often that is a bare handed play. Who needs a glove anyway. Here is a collection of some "Bare Handed Plays" for your enjoyment.

1-10-16 &nbsp Here is another "Whats My Line". This episode features a New York centerfielder that always seems to get overlooked. Maybe because he played for them "bums", the Brooklyn Dodgers moving with them to Los Angeles. We are talking about Duke Snider. I guess it would be easy to be overlooked when you have Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays playing at the same time. Let's see if the stars can guess who the mystery guess is.

1-17-16 &nbsp A pitchers best friend, the double play. Nothing changes the flow of an inning like the double play. Some are routine. Some are spectacular. Here is a collection where the defense is "Turning Two".

1-24-16 &nbsp We have another episode of "Whats My Line" this week. This one is a little different. Instead of a single person a whole team is the mystery guess, the Cincinnati Reds. Ted Kluszewski, Smokey Burgess, and Frank Robinson are among the guests. Will the stars be able to figure this one out? It's a lot easier than it would be today since there are so many fewer teams. Let's watch and find out.