An Archive of Video clips for Your Enjoyment

11-8-15 &nbsp We've seen some massive home runs in the last couple of years. Deep shots that amaze you. Well there has also been a few home runs that don't go as deep but still amaze you. I'm referring to broke bat home runs. Its hard to believe but some goes go deep while breaking their bat. Here are a few for your enjoyment.

11-15-15 &nbsp One television show that featured a lot of baseball players of the years was the old time game show "Whats My Line". There are many episodes on YouTube. I have a few. It is great to see the old time players as real people instead of ballplayers. In this episode we start with a legend, Jackie Robinson.

11-22-15 &nbsp One of the scariest things in baseball is the comebacker to the mound. Many pitchers have had serious injuries over the years. There has also been a huge number of great plays by pitchers. Some call it luck, others skill. I say the pitchers just have amazing reflexes. Here is a nice video featuring "Amazing Comebackers". No video of pitchers injuries, just nice plays by the pitchers.

11-29-15 &nbsp Here is another "Whats My Line". This one features the one and only Satchel Paige, ol' Satchmo. Too bad almost his entire career was in the Negro Leagues. Imagine, over 2000 victories. We just have to dream about what his stats would have looked like in the show.

12-6-15 &nbsp We seen some mammoth home runs. Towering shots that you know are gone the instant they leave the bat. But there are those other home runs, fair or foul. Homer or a long foul for a strike. Here is a video featuring "Foul Pole Homers". Kind of exciting in its own way.

12-13-15 &nbsp Who is the mystery guess on "Whats My Line"? In the northeast we know him as the voice for the Money Store. Oh yeah, he also played then announced for the Yankee's. None other than Phil Rizzuto.