An Archive of Video clips for Your Enjoyment

9-27-15 &nbsp As you have all heard Yogi Berra passed away this week. One of the greatest catchers in MLB history I must take this opportunity to pay a little tribute to him. We have a double header. Yogi's biography and video featuring Yogi-isms.

10-4-15 &nbsp We've showed some rare things that happen in baseball. Perfect games, four home run games, and the like. But do you want to see something that is truly rare. How about 2 grand slams by the same guy in one inning. Fernando Tatis of the St Louis Cardinals did this against the Los Angeles Dodgers. Watch and enjoy and piece of baseball history.

10-11-15 &nbsp Another great FBN season is complete less the playoffs. We are all fortunate to play in a fantastic league with great people. There is one more thing that makes the FBN great. That is the Strat-O-Matic game itself. This weeks video is an interview with S-O-M creator Hal Richmond taken on opening day of 2015. The sound quality is not that great but Hal talking S-O-M is always enjoyable.

10-18-15 &nbsp Weird things happen. They do in life and they do in baseball. With the the baseball games played it is inevitable that odd occurrences will happen now and then. You know, the type of things that you say you've never seen before. Here is a video of baseball "Odd Occurrences".

10-25-15 &nbsp We are on the eve of another World Series. This year it is the New York Mets versus the Kansas City Royals. We are all rooting for a good series. We would be thrilled if it is as good as the 1975 series, Boston versus Cincinnati. Here is a nice video that features highlights and interviews about games 6 and 7 of perhaps the greatest World Series of all time. Enjoy.

11-1-15 &nbsp Since we are in the mist of another World Series I thought I would trout out one of the classics. Game 7, 1975, the Boston Red Sox versust the Cincinnati Reds. One of the greatest series of all time. I've shown game 6, highlights from game 3, interviews about games 6 and 7. Now we get to watch the entire game 7. I just hope this years series can stand up to the standards that 1975 set.