An Archive of Video clips for Your Enjoyment

8-16-15 &nbsp Roberto Clemente, Willie Mays, Dwight Evans and Andruw Jones. They are but a few of the strong armed outfielders known for making great throws. Here is a collection of amazing throws. Some will wow you. Enjoy some of major league baseballs "Amazing Throws".

8-23-15 &nbsp Here is another World Series memory that I vividly remember. 1978 World Series, game 2, ninth inning. The Los Angeles Dodgers versus the New York Yankees. An epic matchup between a young flame thrower and a grizzled veteran slugger. Bob Welch versus Reggie Jackson. Watch and enjoy.

8-30-15 &nbsp Inside the park home runs. Blake Swihart of the Boston Red Sox just hit one against the New York Mets. You don't see many from catchers. They happen occasionally, usually the result of some bad bounce or bad defense and usually from a speedy player but they are very exciting. Here is a video with a collection of Inside the Park Home Runs.

9-6-15 &nbsp In 1978 Reggie Jackson and Bob Welch had more than one classic match-up. First there was Welch's strikeout of Jackson in game 2. Then, come game 6 it's Reggie and Welch again and Reggie had not forgotten his battle with the youngster. This time Reggie gets the top hand and shows the kid what a veteran slugger can do. They didn't call him Mr. October for nothing. More Bob Welch versus Reggie Jackson.

9-13-15 &nbsp Four home runs games. This is truly a rare feat in baseball. We see perfect games now and then. But how often do you see a four home run game. Maybe once every 5 years. Even playing through the steroid era we did not see this happen often. My FBN team has had 2 four homer games in 23 years (Bagwell and Rolen). Here is a video featuring some four homer games in MLB history. Enjoy.

9-20-15 &nbsp The 1975 World Series, the Boston Red Sox versus the Cincinnati Reds was perhaps the greatest World Series ever. It had all kinds of stars, controversy, wild endings and suspense. One of the major controversies was Carlton Fisk get tangled up with Ed Ambrister on a bunt. Fisk and the Red Sox thought it was interference. The ump said no. Here it is again. Was it offensive interference?