An Archive of Video clips for Your Enjoyment

4-5-15- Since the Home Run Derby videos are no longer available I need to come up with another feature. How about the World Series. I have found a whole bunch of World Series videos. Lets start with the last pitch from the past 25 or so World Series.

4-12-15- We've done How Its Made for the Baseball, the Glove, and the Baseball Bat. There is another very important item for a baseball game. That is the famous baseball rubbing mud. We have a doubleheader today. First a serious look at the magic mud and then an episode from Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy.

4-19-15- I've found a lot of World Series video's. Which ones to show. How about the most exciting World Series games. Game 7, the deciding game. I have a nice collection of those. We will start with 1952 World Series game 7, the Brooklyn Dodgers versus the New York Yankees. A classic if there ever was one. Presented here by Gillette, this is the entire game, enjoy!

4-26-15- Here is another How Its Made video. There is another iconic thing about baseball. The baseball cap. It even has baseball in its name. Here is a nice video about making the cap.

5-3-15- I'm interrupting our regularly scheduled program for a special presentation. It appears that long time league member Frank Simonutti is quite the YouTube star. If you search on his name you will find a number of video's featuring Frank. Here are a couple of the video's and a link to a third. The linked video is perhaps the best but it is blocked for embedding so I must just supply the link. Nice stuff Frank. A special thanks to Jim Ferguson who brought this to my attention.


Link to Frank Simonutti video, Wilsons Golf Ball Guru...
Don't forget this link, it is worth it.
Nice job Frank. I wish my job was half as interesting.

5-10-15- Here is another World Series game 7 video. Last time I showed the 1952 World Series game 7, the Brooklyn Dodgers versus the New York Yankees. We now move forward to 1960, the New York Yankees versus the Pittsburgh Pirates. You have to love the stars, Mickey Mantle, Roberto Clemente, Yogi Berra, Casey Stengel and a host of others. This is the game where Tony Kubek gets hit in the throat on a bad hop. I have the final 3 innings for you with interviews in 2010 with the players by Bob Costas. Sit back and enjoy!