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11-30-14- Welcome back to Home Run Derby. Last episode Dick Stuart picked up his second win. He now goes for three in a row against none other than Cincinnati Red slugger Frank Robinson. Can he overcome the hot Stuart? Tune in to find out.

12-7-14- Can a good big league hitter hit a good wiffle ball pitcher? Wouldn't the pro hitter kill the amateur pitcher? Or does the wiffle ball just move too much? Well Sports Science researched this and did a show on it. Is hitting a wiffle ball really that tough? Check it out for yourself.

12-14-14- Welcome back to Home Run Derby. Last time Cincinnati Red great Frank Robinson took down big Dick Stuart. His reward, he gets to face Kansas City Athletics star Bob Cerv. Will the smooth swinging Robinson overcome the powerful Cerv? Tune in to find out.

12-21-14- Remember the old television show the Munsters. Well, Herman Munster was quite the ball player. He almost played for the LA Dodgers. Here is a portion of the episode where he tried out for the Dodgers.

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12-28-14- Its time again for Home Run Derby. In the last episode Bob Cerv defeated Frank Robinson. His victory sets up a battle of the Bobs. Bob Cerv now is challenged by Bob Allison. Which Bob will prevail? Watch to find out.

1-4-15- The folly floater. The infamous eephus pitch. Steve Hamilton of the Yankees threw the folly floater in the 70's. He had a famous encounter with Tony Horton in July 1970. Hamilton threw the folly floater and Horton fouled it off. Horton asked for it again and Hamilton obliged. Here is the classic at bat.