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8-17-14- We had someones top ten pitchers, now we have their top ten greatest players of all time. To no ones surprise there are no Klee's Klubber on the list.

8-24-14- Back to Home Run Derby, episode 9. Last time Hank Aaron defeated Jim Lemon. Now Hank takes on his teammate Eddie Mathews. Mathews is the first left handed batter we've seen in the competition. Which Milwaukee Brave will take the $2000 top prize?

8-31-14- Time to lighten things up a bit. Baseball is everywhere, even in cartoons. Here's a Bugs Bunny episode from 1946, "Baseball Bugs". Is Bugs available in the draft?

9-7-14- Home Run Derby time. Last episode Hank Aaron defeated Eddie Mathews for his third win. Now Hank Aaron takes on slugging Al Kaline of the Tigers. Hank is going for his fourth win which would tie him with Mickey Mantle for the most wins on the show. What will happen?

9-14-14- We're going old school. The dead ball era. Here is a nice segment about the faces and voices of the dead ball era. A bunch of still photos and audio interviews with some of the players. Enjoy.

9-21-14- In the last episode of Home Run Derby Hank Aaron defeated Al Kaline. That was Aaron's fourth win, tops on the show. Now Henry goes for win number five against no less than Duke Snider. Can the Duke take down hammering Hank?

9-28-14- The MLB season ends today. Will there be any one game tie breaker games? Perhaps the second most famous tie breaker game was the 1978 Yankee versus Red Sox game falling only behind the 55 Dodgers Giants game. The 1978 game is the infamous Bucky Dent homer game. If you can stand the heartbreak or euphoria again, here it is.

10-5-14- Time for Home Run Derby. Last episode Hank Aaron continued his winning streak by by defeating Duke Snider for his fifth victory. Now he takes on Bob Allison. Can hammering Hank keep it going? Watch and find out.

10-12-14- It's World Series time in the baseball world. Generally accepted as the greatest World Series game ever is game 6 of the 1975 World Series between the Cincinnati Reds and the Boston Red Sox. Here is a rebroadcast for your viewing enjoyment.