An Archive of Video clips for Your Enjoyment

6-22-14- I couldn't go too long without presenting a Jackie Robinson tribute. The only player to have his number retired by all of Baseball Robinson is an obvious Hall of Famer. I have a feeling that even if he wasn't a star baseball player he still would have made quite an impact on society. This video was created by the Baseball Hall of Fame.

6-29-14- Back to Home Run Derby, episode 5. Harmon Killebrew finally defeated Mickey Mantle and his 3 game winning streak in the last episode. Now Killebrew will face Cleveland Indian slugger Rocky Colavito. Who will come out on top?

7-6-14- Time to lighten things up. Lite Beer from Miller that is. For baseball fans the most famous Lite Beer commercial has to be the Bob Uecker commercials. We're going for a double header today. First "Mr. Baseball" and then "Front Row".



7-13-14- Home Run Derby again, episode 6. Harmon Killebrew has won 2 in a row. Can he make it three. Ken Boyer, the slugging third baseman from the St. Louis Cardinals will be his opponent. Can Boyer knock off Killebrew?

7-20-14- The Discovery Channel had a short lived show called Time Warp. It analyzed different things with high speed cameras. One episode was about the baseball bat. It is amazing how much the bat and ball distort during the hit. Check it out.

7-27-14- We return to Home Run Derby. In the last episode Ken Boyer defeated Harmon Killebrew. As a reward, Boyer gets to face hammering Hank Aaron. There are no easy draws in this competition. Can Ken Boyer defeat hammering Hank Aaron?

8-3-14- There are lots of video lists on the internet. The top 10 of this and top 5 of that. Well, here is someones top 10 pitchers of all time.

8-10-14- Home Run Derby time again. Last time Hank Aaron beat Ken Boyer. Next up is slugging Washington Senator outfielder Jim Lemon. Can Hammering Hank Aaron win two in a row or will big Jim Lemon be the new champ?