An Archive of Video clips for Your Enjoyment

4-27-14- We'll start off with a tribute to baseball stars over the years. Let's call this a little lesson in baseball history. Some great old pictures here as well as some new ones. Can you name all the players?

5-4-14- Remember "Home Run Derby"? No, not the bogus all-star game festivity. The television show from 1960. Home Run Derby aired 26 episodes in the winter of 1960. Filmed in Wrigley Field, a minor league park in Los Angles this show paired a American League Slugger versus a National League Slugger. I remember seeing a rerun of this when I was younger but I only saw a few episodes. Well, I have all of then now. Every couple of weeks I will show an episode. We will start off with the first show, a couple of guys named Mickey Mantle versus Willie Mays. Enjoy!

5-11-14- I love ballparks, especially old time ballparks. did an episode on "lost ballparks". I guess you could call Shea Stadium and Riverfront Stadium "lost" ballparks but this video highlights the real old time parks from the golden age of baseball.

5-18-14- Back to "Home Run Derby". Here is episode 2 featuring week 1 winner Mickey Mantel versus Mr. Cub himself, Ernie Banks. You gotta love this stuff!!.

5-25-14- Another ballpark video. Here is a tribute to Ebbets Field, home of the Brooklyn Dodgers. The music is by Billy Joel.

6-1-14- Home Run Derby, episode 3. Mickey Mantle is back as a two time champ, this time facing Jackie Jensen. Jensen is the first non Hall of Famer to appear but he was an AL MVP and RBI champ. Can Mantel win again or will Jensen end his winning streak?

6-8-14- We had a tribute to lost ballparks, how about a tribute to lost ball teams. MSG network presented this tribute to the St. Louis Browns, Boston Braves, and Philadelphia A's.

6-15-14- Home Run Derby, episode 4. Mickey Mantle is going for 4 in a row but he will have to defeat slugger Harmon Killebrew. The Washington Senator slugger will do his best to break Mickey's winning streak. This episode has some new commercials. I had to use the show from Hulu since it was of much better quality.